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One of her high school yearbook pretty

In May of 2005 I received a wonderful blessing of an email from someone who had known Rachael through a student group at the Honor Academy.  Though she didn't know Rachael closely, she was still impacted by her and, after finding Rachael's website, learned that dad, here, was desirous of any photos anyone might have.  She then recalled that she had taken a few and sent them to me.  Just no way to describe the impact of seeing new photos of Rachael.  Three of the four photos this HA alumnus sent were taken at the Marble Slab in Tyler, where their student group went after one of their meetings.  The fourth was taken on campus after a meeting.

Kristen...thank you so very, very much.
marbleslab_Rachaelsittinghidingface.jpg (38567 bytes)
an attempt to hide from the camera

marbleslab_Rachaelsittingcoveringfacewithhands.jpg (40291 bytes)
another attempt to hide from the camera

marbleslab_Rachaelsittingsmiling.jpg (42282 bytes)
finally allowing a pic

terranova_Rachaelgettingcaughtoffguardbycamera.jpg (42405 bytes)
can tell she got caugh off-guard in this candid shot

barlowahhh.jpg (18964 bytes)
this one was just posted online (July 2005) by her ol' Honor Academy bud Adam...
he said he just found it...most grateful, Adam!  may you and others find many, many more

extremecamp_trustfall.jpg (29651 bytes)
another pic from an Extreme Camp activity with her high school church youth group...a camp experience that she would later end up being a worker for after attending the school on the same grounds


mythree_thankyouGod.jpg (46449 bytes)
here she was late 15 or early 16


youthathouse.jpg (50419 bytes)
more high school church youth at our house


lastbirthdaytogether.jpg (44947 bytes)
this was Alan's last birthday with his twin sister...he planned months ahead of time to surprise her down in texas on their birthday...quite a few pictures from that surprise visit are here    we had a great time that day...

Her last father's day card to me ('03)...even more significant since it was
father's day of the following year when she was on her way home
to surprise me that she had the accident.

herlastfathersdaycard_p1.jpg (77557 bytes)

herlastfathersdaycard_p2.jpg (60349 bytes)
no way to describe what goes through me when viewing this card...
when viewing her own handwriting...
and the card's content...
combined with her absence from this life...
what a special daughter is Rachael
and how so very, very good to me is God in having Rachael in my life

familyportrait_april1993.jpg (51363 bytes)
family portrait:  April 1993

what would I have done differently had I known I only had 11 more years with her in this life,
from the time of this photo?

if you have children and have not lost a child from this life...what would YOU do differently
if you only had a limited time with a child of yours?

Live each day to the fullest...for your children.  They are worth everything.


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