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I am so blessed to report that one of Rachael's fellow interns at the Honor Academy just sent me these 3 pics from a trip a group of them took to Six Flags for some r & r just 2 weeks before the day my life changed forever. sister in Christ Jesus...thank you for these photos and for your very kind words, and for loving my girl so much.  Words cannot express my appreciation for your card, your message, and these photos.
sixflags02.jpg (50056 bytes)

sixflags01.jpg (47221 bytes)

sixflags03.jpg (61095 bytes)



While having a deeper-than-usual miss-my-girl moment and looking over websites of others who love Rachael, I came across this photo that was posted on her Core Advisor's website, this is her "Core" Broken Fragrance
brokenfragrancefun.jpg (46187 bytes)


Every Labor Day holiday weekend I tried to make at least a mini vacation out of it.   There were times when, during the summer, the kids' work schedules and mine just could not sync up enough for a good, long trip.  On this Labor Day weekend a few years ago, Ed couldn't go, but Rachael, Alan and I made a weekend of it by going to St. Louis. This photo was where we spent an evening at a dinner theater where the audience was humorously brought in on the act.  Here we are having a shot taken after the dinner and show to help remember our time there with the cast.
stlouistrip.jpg (55726 bytes)


Here are a couple of pics taken in the hospital the day of Rachael's 3rd and final surgery on her sinuses.
In one, she's making notes, in the other, she's still coming to after surgery and needing ice on her face.
Sinus surgeries, plus a whole lot of doctor visits/special medicines/special treatments were a part of her life
for her final years on earth.  And she was one strong patient.
Rachael_3rd_surgery_a.jpg (51433 bytes)

Rachael_3rd_surgery_b.jpg (44147 bytes)


this was taken during her year at the Honor Academy, back at the mall in Tulsa
with miss littlebit hammin' it up for the camera at the food court
along with twin Alan and accountability partner Cathryn who came home
with Rachael for thanksgiving holiday.
atthemallwithAlanandCathryn.jpg (74008 bytes)


Recently found these series of pics at grandma's.
They're quickly turning into some of my favorites.
Here, we're all decked out for my nephew's wedding.

aaronswedding01.jpg (42563 bytes)

aaronswedding02.jpg (56418 bytes)

too much flash on this one but, hey, it's my girl
aaronswedding04.jpg (39965 bytes)

Arriving for a spring break visit at Grandma's and Uncle Dave and Aunt Marsha's
springbreak1.jpg (45593 bytes)

a special relationship developed between Rachael and Aunt Marsha
for which I will always be grateful.  No better sister-in-law anywhere.

springbreak2.jpg (56866 bytes)

springbreakpromdress1.jpg (40976 bytes)

springbreakpromdress2.jpg (34790 bytes)


grandmaandall3.jpg (65092 bytes)


with Grandma's guinea pig Sugar
rachaelandsugar.jpg (53522 bytes)


rachandfriends.jpg (75812 bytes)


rachonporch.jpg (46454 bytes)


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