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here are more pics we've found as we look through all our stuff

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received these 5 pics from my sister-in-law in April (2005)...hard to describe what it's like to be given new photos i've never glimpses of my so grateful for such surprises...yet miss my girl so much

Christmas1998_1.jpg (37456 bytes)
Christmas1998_2.jpg (42536 bytes)

Christmas2001_1.jpg (61147 bytes)

jasonwedding1.jpg (27761 bytes) jasonwedding2.jpg (41819 bytes)



below is a photo given to us by Katie, who was on Rachael's mission trip to Australia.  Katie sent us a card with this photo in it...most grateful.  Here's what Katie said in her card about it:

"This is a picture of the team Rachael and I were on in Australia.  The trip wouldn't have been the same without her.  She was an incredible blessing to everyone."

photofromkatie.jpg (68486 bytes)
in this photo, Rachael is kneeling, her head right under the clasped hands...the most beautiful young lady there...the one with the most beautiful smile.

she was SO thrilled to be on this mission trip...she set her goals early, worked hard, raised the funds...just awesome.  I can still remember so clearly her first approaching me, with that look in her eyes of being bold about what she was going to say yet not being certain about my reaction to it.  "Dad...I want to go on a mission trip to Australia."  She was planning way ahead, setting her sights on a huge goal, yet it was well-thought-out, well-grounded, and something that held the promise of spiritual growth.  It was a go.  I cannot tell you all how proud of her I was for how hard she worked to make that mission trip happen.

I just found this photo (below) of her while cleaning out the garage today...I wish I could always, for the rest of my life, receive such pleasant surprises as finding photos I didn't even know I had or had lost or forgotten about...(as well as receiving photos, like Katie's, above) the photo below she was in 5th or 6th grade, dad was her principal back then, our school was at an all-day track and field event...looks like, from the slant of the sun, we had just gotten there in the morning and were trying to get things organized and setup.
cntrl_6thgr.jpg (61584 bytes)


here's a pic I took of Rachael doing one of the things she did intention, at the time, was to take it to remind her later on in life what she looked like as a teenager
03.jpg (41903 bytes)
it was so fun hearing her talk and laugh...she had such cute ways of saying things and her laugh just warmed your heart and was so endearing


Here are a few of the pics we took on our mini vacation to St. Louis.  We--Alan, Rachael, Ed and I--had a tradition of taking a trip on labor day weekend.  Ed had to stay home and work during this trip, so it was just 3 of us.
08.jpg (40545 bytes)
on the way to St. Louis, at Meramec Caverns, I witnessed Rachael doing something rare:  totally wasting money (but only this once!)

01.jpg (36634 bytes)
at the base of the arch dog-gone tall she could put her arm over mine when we stood side-by-side like this...
...she enjoyed that


02.jpg (56968 bytes)
in the museum


05.jpg (33256 bytes)
at the top of the arch, looking down on the city


07.jpg (61238 bytes)
botanical gardens


04.jpg (65200 bytes)
another pic in the gardens

06.jpg (55978 bytes)
dinner at a sidewalk cafe downtown

09.jpg (53787 bytes)
back home, working on a forest fire's worth of candles on dad's birthday cake

this pic was sent to me in February 2005 by Rachael's accountability partner at the Honor Academy: Cathryn.   Cathryn had just found some old rolls of film from a year ago back at the HA, had them devoloped, and discovered one of them had Rachael in it.  as the phone calls and emails have dried up, this is just the type of wonderfully pleasant surprise this dad needed.  this photo was taken at their home church in Garden Valley, where they all attended the HA, on Valentine's Day weekend.  they all went out to IHOP after this, one of Rachael's favorite places.
picfromcathrynfeb2004.jpg (82003 bytes)

....i miss my girl


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