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One of the nicest things that can be experienced by parents who've given up children to Heaven
is to come across old items, memorabilia or photos that we didn't know or recall that we had.
Below are some surprise finds from today, April 23, 2006.  The quality of the
photos isn't all that great....but my girl is in them.

busyouth.jpg (23880 bytes)
Most of these finds are from her years of involvement with a local church youth group.
That's her with her knees in the isle of the church bus, about the fourth seat from the front of the pic.


cornerstone_2000_01.jpg (69747 bytes)
Here are several pics taken from our former church, with the yellow arrow pointing at my girl.

cornerstone_2000_02.jpg (69213 bytes)
I think she saw the photographer taking pics, at this point.  Dad was gettin' down on the bass.

cornerstone_2000_03.jpg (69754 bytes)

cornerstone_2000_04.jpg (71022 bytes)
I know these are repetetive, but, hey, they're pics of Rachael.  Only those
viewing these pics who have also lost a child can truly understand.

cornerstone_2000_05.jpg (68367 bytes)

dec_2001_praiseworship_cornerstone.jpg (25877 bytes)
Here, she is part of the praise and worship team singing on stage.
Isn't she beautiful?


dec_2001_praiseworship_cornerstone_02.jpg (58836 bytes)
Here, she's in the back-middle.


dec_2001_praiseworship_cornerstone_03.jpg (55332 bytes)
back-middle again


dec_2001_praiseworship_cornerstone_04.jpg (55115 bytes)


mexico_circleupforprayer.jpg (45077 bytes)
Circling up for prayer before all us parents send our kids off to Mexico on a
mission trip with church youth.


mexico_ringrosie.jpg (23484 bytes)
playing ring-around-the-rose in Mexico...Rachael's in the tie-dye shirt


mexico_sleepycrew.jpg (19528 bytes)
on the church bus that can only go 55mph...aaaaaaaall the way to Mexico and back


mexico_thegirls.jpg (16639 bytes)
girls from youth on the trip...(tie-dye shirt in back)


nov_2001_praiseworship_cornerstone.jpg (44688 bytes)
Here, she's on the far left


outrea3.jpg (11215 bytes)
Her brother, Ed, is playing Satan in this youth drama ministry,
and she's to his immediate right, playing one of his demons.


ALRACHED.jpg (35421 bytes)
all 3, arm in arm, during a youth outreach


outreachcherokeelanding.jpg (16581 bytes)
She's the one in the hooded-robed outfit as part of another youth outreach drama


pizzaafterchurch.jpg (28774 bytes)
Pizza after church


praise_cstone_nineteenninetysomthing01.jpg (13652 bytes)
This is an old, way-back shot of our former church's praise and worship team.
Rachael's in the middle-back.


praise_cstone_nineteenninetysomthing02.jpg (10202 bytes)
Another shot from the same era.  Here, she's in the back by herself at a microphone.


prom_rachaelandalan.jpg (33741 bytes)
Prom night.  A photo taken with her twin brother.


prom_rachaelandandrew.jpg (41526 bytes)
Her boyfriend, Andrew.


tenkiller05.jpg (35857 bytes)
Another pic taken during an outing on the lake, similar to a pic on page 13.


thsgrads4.jpg (50917 bytes)
The twins graduate from high school.


radsfirstcheck.jpg (43177 bytes)
a happy camper with her first real paycheck


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