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A Celebration of Rachael's
Life and Godly Legacy

In Loving Memory of

If you knew Rach, you knew she didn't want a sad funeral.  So we planned an uplifting, Christ-centered celebration of her goodness...goodness authored by God almighty, Himself.  The day of the celebration, our efforts were confirmed when one of Rachael's friends who arrived on the bus from the Honor Academy shared with me that she and Rachael had, for some reason, just shared with each other, the night before she died, about what each of them wanted in their funerals.

This friend of Rachael's went on to list the things Rachael wanted, not having any idea what we had planned, but feeling strongly she was supposed to share this information with me.  As Rachael's friend went on, I could see that everything Rachael had listed to her was, indeed, already planned as part of the celebration.  When she told me this, there was only about an hour before the celebration was to begin.  What a blessing it was to learn that what we had put together, after prayerful consideration, was just what Rachael had wanted.

Below are photos and video clips of segments of the celebration.

so many guests signed the guest book in the foyer...we are so grateful for all who were able to come and share in this experience with us
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We started things off with an introduction and prayer.  It was most humbling to look out and see what several estimated to be approximately 900 in attendance.
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Rachael's step-sister Callen started us off with praise and worship, assisted in vocals by Rachael's other step-sister, Darien, and Rachael's twin brother, Alan, on drums, plus three wonderful members of Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, helping with guitars and bass.  All songs used in this celebration were favorites of Rachael's.

click here for a video clip of part of one of the songs, "He knows My Name" (4.4 mb)
click here for a clip of another song, "Shout to the Lord" (7.4 mb)
click here for a clip of another song, "I Want to Know You" (6.7 mb)

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One of those who graciously spoke was a mentor of Rachael's, the leader of Cornerstone Fellowship's Women's Ministry, Zana Smith.

Click here for a clip of Zana reading from Rachael's final letter to her (2.4 mb)
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Music ministry is very, very important to our entire family, including Rachael.  A present I offered to her, personally, as part of this celebration, was a song entitled, "No More Night."
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several others spoke, including close friends of Rach
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the Director of the Honor Academy
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Rachael's older brother, Ed, spoke and spoke well
click here for a video clip of the end of Ed's talk
(4.0 mb)
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and Rachael's former youth pastor, Allen Legier, spoke at the end
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