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Rachael's roommate, Jennifer, had several pics (below) of Rachael on her computer that she kindly forwarded to me.   Hadn't seen most of these, yet.

Here is a message from Jennifer's mom, Pam, who had some special things to share about Rachael:

Dr. Barlow and family,
         I had the great pleasure of meeting Rachael in January, when I brought my daughter to the Honor Academy to begin her intership. My daughter's name is Jennifer and they were roommates. Rachael came into the room soon after we got there.  I remember Rachael's georgous smile.   She was so happy and full of life.  Jenny was so nervous about being there and she wasn't sure she had made the right decision, and Rachael began to tell her how she came to be at Honor Academy and that at first she really didn't want to be there but it had turned out to be one of the best decisions she had ever made and she loved being there.
         I can't remember the details but somehow the topic of party planning came up ( I am wanting to say that Rachael had been planning some type of party) and we discussed her desire to be a wedding planner.  I told her Jenny had a birthday coming up a couple of weeks from then and she was so excited.... She said "yea...another party for me to plan!"  She went through her mental list of what supplies she already had and what she would need to get......Her excitement was so contagious.  She showed us how she kept her area organized, which was really neatly organized.
         God really used her in a mighty way.  He used her to bring comfort and peace to a mother who's first born was leaving home for the first time, and to bring peace and comfort to a daughter who not only was leaving home for the first time, but who was embarking on a new life with total strangers and who had no idea what to expect. As Rachael took Jenny in under her wings, I could see all the worries and fears she had about being at the Honor Academy begin to fade from her face and they were smiling and cutting up and having a great time getting to know one another.
        During my drive back home after leaving the Honor Academy, I was praying and thanking God for putting Jenny in the room with so many awesome young women. I specifically felt such gratitude towards Rachael, and I knew she was going to be a great mentor to Jenny.  For weeks I had been praying about whom God would place Jenny in the room with.  God is so wonderful.  His faithfulness is amazing.  My heart burst with gladness when I think of His goodness.  Jenny was just a few days shy of being 17 when she arrived at Honor Academy seven months ago.   I did not raise my children in church, I am very sad to say.  Jenny was 12 when I gave my life to the Lord and began to serve Him.  Other than her Pastor's wife and her youth Pastor's wife, she had never really had other examples of Godly women.   I can't tell you my joy the day I met Rachael in that dorm room, because I knew that God had answered my prayer and placed Jenny in the room with a true woman of God.   Jenny came to know her as a friend, to respect her as a Godly woman, and to love her as a sister.
         Jenny lost a cousin to a horrible car accident 6 weeks before Rachael's accident.  She began to question God and became very confused about Rachael's death.  She wanted to know why God would take someone who was so young, and who had so much to offer this world by being here.  I prayed that God would give me the words that would bring comfort to Jenny and remove any doubts or confusion that would try to overcome her…These are the words that God gave that day...He told me to remind her that Rachael wanted to be a wedding planner, and how in the bible Jesus is described as the Bridegroom and we are described as his bride.  When the rapture takes place, the Bridegroom and His bride will be united.
          Jenny was so comforted by that…she said; "Mom, God needed Rachael there to help plan the ultimate wedding."  I believe that all of Rachael's friends at Honor Academy will never be the same again for having known her.  She was such a beautiful young woman and she sowed many seeds while she was here with us, but oh what a harvest she is reaping now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My soul cries out to God on your behalf.  I can never imagine the pain of losing a child.  If I should ever have to face that in life, it is my prayer that God will give me the courage, the strength, and the grace that he has given you.
          Jenny was so astounded by the memorial service that was held at Honor academy for Rachael.  She called me that night and was telling me all about it.  She told me how you were there and that you had spoken to them, and she was so touched by the fact that, although you were in terrible pain, you reached out to every one of them and was such a great comfort to them that night.
          I don't know why I felt such a need to share all of this with you……….I will continue to pray for your family and for Rachael's brother and sister core at Honor Academy.  May God open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that you cannot contain.

In His Love, Pam

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