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In Loving Memory of

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artwork.jpg (38957 bytes)

Just the type of schoolwork to warm a daddy's heart


or how about this one that show's Rachael's heart

notetodaddy.jpg (56730 bytes)


atgrandmas.jpg (45385 bytes)

at Grandma's


a Christmas photo

Christmas_a.jpg (25781 bytes)


Christmas_b.jpg (26529 bytes)

Another Christmas shot


yet another

Christmas_c.jpg (22722 bytes)


Christmas_d.jpg (24523 bytes)

one more


Always cheering for others

dadbirthday.jpg (38902 bytes)


auntie_nanos_with_gemma.jpg (30252 bytes)

at Auntie Nano's with her late, great dog Gemma


Christmas at Grandma's

Christmasatgmas_1.jpg (35670 bytes)


dadsdoctorate.jpg (28397 bytes)

enjoying the celebration of dad's doctorate


we had fun playing games while eating supper

dinnergame.jpg (39401 bytes)


disneyworld1.jpg (53575 bytes)

Disney World


more Disney World

disneyworld3.jpg (35759 bytes)


disneyworld2.jpg (37857 bytes)

stuff from Disney World


first day of school...Kindergarten

firstdayofschool.jpg (38146 bytes)


flexfaces2.jpg (38309 bytes)

there are those flexible faces again


fun with step-sister

funwithrachelp.jpg (37916 bytes)


halloweenprincess.jpg (39460 bytes)

She's a princess...and all she's gotta do is act naturally


more heart-warming stuff from school

hndprnts.jpg (26008 bytes)


hugfordaddy.jpg (14425 bytes)

She was a great hugger


she's growin' up

schoolshot_3.jpg (12551 bytes)


rachael_a.jpg (24690 bytes)

bigger and bigger


she enjoyed sports

soccer.jpg (34617 bytes)


solareclipse.jpg (40692 bytes)

we did interesting things at home


more summertime shots of all 3 kids

summershot_1.jpg (42362 bytes)


summershot_2.jpg (29856 bytes)

here's another one


and yet another 

summershot_3.jpg (26715 bytes)


tennisanyone.jpg (25071 bytes)

tennis, anyone?


a tent right in our livingroom 

tentinhouse.jpg (27285 bytes)


toothlost.jpg (27597 bytes)

time for the tooth fairy to show up...only a quarter?


we always had 2 birthday cakes, but sometimes we shared the blowing out the candles part

birthdaycake1.jpg (12729 bytes)


birthdaycake2.jpg (13937 bytes)

another shared candle blowout


another Christmas for a growing young lady

christmas_e.jpg (13501 bytes)


withrachelp.jpg (10749 bytes)

you look mahvelous, dahling, mahvelous


Aunt Doris' home, with Grandma and Uncle Rob 

withauntdorisandunclerobandgrandma.jpg (16112 bytes)


victorst.jpg (15043 bytes)

The four of us in front of the home that was transformed on the inside while we lived there


Alan has just about caught up with Rachael's height for good 

victorst2.jpg (22335 bytes)


auntdorisboat.jpg (23298 bytes)

Aunt Doris and Uncle John's pontoon boat


quite the basketball player until her knee blew out 

basketball.jpg (26696 bytes)


eastereggs.jpg (30699 bytes)

Easter eggs


the KC science museum 

sciencemuseumkc1.jpg (32573 bytes)


kcroyalsgame_rainbow.jpg (22492 bytes)

lots of rain when we went to see the KC Royals play ball, but oh what a beautiful double rainbow


family portrait time 

familyportrait.jpg (25447 bytes)


Christmas.jpg (26330 bytes)

the young lady keeps on maturing


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