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In Loving Memory of

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Below is a postcard we received from her when she first arrived at the Honor Academy.  It's something they must have all interns send home as, on the back, it had all sorts of preprinted info about her Core, her mailbox number, her Resident Advisor, etc.  It is a good photo to share with you of the part of the Campus where the dorms are.  Her dorm was the one on the far right.  That was also my view of it all the times I dropped her off there (before we had to get her a car so she could come back for during-the-week doctor visits regarding her sinus surgeries) and as I drove around the big circle and looked back at that dorm, usually with her standing there, I would be crying by this time.  It was always so hard to say good-bye to my all-grown-up baby girl.
HApostcard.jpg (54720 bytes)

Below are two friends she brought with her for a holiday who weren't able to get back to their own homes
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more Honor Academy shots

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below is a letter from Leslie explaining the poem for Rachael,
which we received at Rachael's memorial at the Honor Academy
("housekeeping" is a funny thing Rachael would say when knocking on a door,
something she got from a movie, I think...she'd make her voice go really high
and it always made us laugh)

a scanned photo of the poem is below this letter from Leslie
lesliepoem1.jpg (85649 bytes)
Leslie made this image herself, superimposing the text of the poem over a photo of Rachael.
lesliepoem2.jpg (291084 bytes)

Below is an inspired, original, hand-drawn image by Sarah Williamson.  First, her letter of explanation, then the photo below her letter
(note that I had to do multiple scans to copy the entire image, then paste them together, thus the different lightness effects...apologies!  The original is absolutely beautiful and is already mounted and framed.)

June 22, 2004

Dear Dr. Barlow,
          My name is Sarah Williamson.  I was in Rachael’s Undergraduate intern class and was going to be in her Graduate Intern class next year.   Although I did not know Rachael, I would like to say I am sorry for the loss of your daughter, but I would also like to rejoice with you in the fact that she is now with her Heavenly Father.
          I am writing you this letter to explain to you this drawing that the Lord laid on my heart to draw for you.  While sitting in Rachael’s memorial service, after listening to your amazing words and while listening to Mr. Luce speak, the Lord put the image of a beautiful woman in a garment of many colors dancing in a radiant light in my mind.  I do not know for sure if it was a vision or anything like that, but I do have a tendency to have such pictures of beauty like that pop up into my mind.  I suppose it is the creative mind that the Lord has given me, but anyways… I believe Mr. Luce was speaking about standing or dancing before the throne of God at about the time this picture came to mind.  When that happened, I immediately thought of Rachael.  So I decided in my quiet time that I would give it a shot at putting it on paper.  The Lord guided every movement of my hand and it was His creative eye that allowed me to put the picture on paper.
          Basically, I just wanted to bless you with how I believe your daughter may appear right now in heaven.  Although she may not look exactly like this, I believe that she is dancing at the feet of Jesus.  I imagine she is singing “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!” right along with the angels and saints in heaven.  From hearing the testimonies of her friends and of what you had to say about her, I believe that Rachael’s life and death has, had, and will continue to impact those here still on earth.
          Thank you so much for allowing Rachael to be a part of all of our lives here at the Honor Academy.  I know that she will be missed, but she will not be forgotten.  Be blessed and know that we are all praying for you and your family.  May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds, in Christ Jesus.

In Him,
Sarah W

radiantdancer01x500w.jpg (44055 bytes)

One of the interesting situations I've encountered after securing these photos of Rachael's is that I need Rachael here to help me identify all of them and who all are in them.  I hope that those who views these pics will, in time, drop me a line saying, "hey, that pic on page ___ that shows ___ and ____ is actually ______." etc.  Would really appreciate the help from those of you who know who from whom!

We DO know that Stand Up, the Great Awakening was an awesome experience for Rachael.  You can read some who speak of this, as well as from Rachael's own writings about it.
standup1.jpg (36245 bytes)

standup2.jpg (29262 bytes)

I am just so proud of my daughter for being part of something so eternal, so life-impacting


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