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page 25:  more photos discovered in 2008 and beyond

In Loving Memory of

it is such a blessing to, after this many years,
come upon and/or be given photos that had never before been seen
or known about

in going through all her things again,
i found two photos i'd not noticed before.
both are friends from her high school choir

Aminta, her dear friend


Julie: "choir buddy" is what i believe they called those sophomore-senior pairings


and a pic jsut given to me by a fellow choir member
who was with Rach on this choir trip to St. Louis in the spring of 2002

Leslie...thank you so very, very much

and this pic was found in going through tons of digitized photos


and two pics just found by a relative, taken during a 2002 visit


this photo shows something dad just found out about...
she wrote her name on a wall at her school, and it's still there...partly rubbed off, but still there...
a wonderful surprise and present just in time for the 5th anniversary of her accident


here's an online message she and a couple of her friends sent back to their families
from a youth retreat she went to
extrmecmpmssg.jpg (130597 bytes)


her last Thanksgiving in this life, with Ms. Cat in tow





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