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Multimedia Clips
of Rachael

In Loving Memory of


Before the video clips, let me share a sound file (.wav) I received of Rachael's outgoing message at her work desk on campus.  In it, she sounds very professional, not quite her "real" voice.  But, it's still my girl.

These 3 clips are from July 30-Aug 1, 2002, when our church's youth group went down to the Teen Mania campus for an Extreme Camp experience.  Rachael had just graduated from high school

clip #1: this one is very short, it has music added to it as it was part of the video produced about the youth's experience at the camp...the camera was making a quick pass by Rachael
(96 kb)

clip #2: this one is for the audio, not what you see, just what you hear.  to the left of the tent pole closest to the camera, Rachael's twin, Alan, just made a humorous reply to a comment about showers, asking, "there are showers here?"  to which you can then hear Rachael, sitting just to the right of the pole, facing sideways to the camera in the red shirt, replying in her characteristically funny my-twin-brother-sure-can-gross-me-out tone of voice, "ewwwwwwwwww!"
(509 kb)

clip #3: Rachael was walking by the camera after an event (perhaps a paintball war) that she didn't seem all that excited about, and was asked her thoughts about it.  to dad, she also looks hot, tired and worn out, but it's a few seconds of seeing my girl and hearing her voice.
(1.7 mb)

This clip is from a television commercial that played on Tulsa area TV stations for several months.  The commercial was made by Cherokee Nation Enterprises, about the many benefits to area businesses made possible by the Cherokee Nation.  One short part of the commercial was filmed at the local grocery store where Rachael worked and she was selected to be in the commercial.  This is a very short clip, as it only shows the portion with Rachael in it.  What a beautiful smile and radiant heart she possessed. (Many thanks to Cherokee Nation Enterprises for providing us with a copy of the commercial)
(2.4 mb)

music ministry, all 4 of us, about 1998-99
clip 1 from this song is just Rachael
(1.6 mb)
clip 2, later in the song, all four of us
song: "The King of Who I Am"
(1 mb)

Just days after losing Rachael, the popular Christian group
Superchic performed on the Teen Mania campus.
They dedicated their song "Barlow Girl" to Rachael.

The quality of this video clip's resolution is poor.
(1 mb)

This was a very, very emotional moment:  Alan, Rachael's twin brother,
standing in her place to accept her graduation diploma
from the Honor Academy

(4.7 mb)
This clip is from the last video footage of Rachael on this earth.
Here, she is helping Alan celebrate his birthday.  You only see

Alan's cake in this video because, as you can see on another web page
within this website, Alan and Dad surprised Rachael on their
birthday by making a trip to the Honor Academy, complete with
cake and ice cream to celebrate for Rachael down there.
In this clip, Rachael has come home for Christmas break and
now has her chance to help Alan celebrate his birthday.

(Please keep Alan in your prayers, as this was his last birthday
on this earth with his twin sister, and he never wanted to have
a birthday apart from her, ever.)
(3.3 mb)
  This is another deeply felt experience for our family:
Alan and Dad's first music ministry since Rachael
went to dwell with our Savior

(9 mb)
Part of Rachael's paternal heritage includes playing
rousing sessions of the card game PIT when we all get together.
Click here to see
part of a round of PIT from Thanksgiving 2003 at Grandma Barlow's house.

Rachael's wearing a red top at the top-right of the screen.
The lighting is not too good in this clip.
click here to see
Alan and Rachael playing rock-paper-scissors to settle something or other


click here to see
Rachael do the "tim-tam slam" that she learned

while on her mission trip to Australia


explanation:  a "tim tam" is a chocolate-covered wafer bar
the rules: 
   --take one bite out of opposite ends of the tim-tam
   --put the tim-tam in your mouth
   --sit on your hands (so you can't cheat and use your hands)
   --bend over until the end of the tim-tam is in the hot chocolate milk
   --you must now start sucking up the hot chocolate quickly as you only have a matter of seconds
   --as soon as the chocolate milk comes through the wafer and into your mouth, you can then lift your head up and drop the tim-tam into your mouth.  if you're too slow, the chocolate coating melts before you lift up your head, leaving you with quite a mess of chocolate milk and melted chocolate coating on your entire being, there, mate.




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