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Alan and Dad's Surprise Visit to Garden Valley
to see Rachael on the Twins' Birthday

In Loving Memory of

They had never experienced a birthday apart.  Ever.
Alan wasn't about to let this one be the first.
The idea and its planning were all his.
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twinbday01.jpg (53146 bytes)
Dinner at Cheddar's in Tyler, TX


twinbday02.jpg (49211 bytes)
Dad cannot believe it has been 20 years!


twinbday03.jpg (51001 bytes)
These are NON-alcoholic drinks, thank you very much!


twinbday04.jpg (56563 bytes)
They shared a full rack of ribs!


twinbday05.jpg (63688 bytes)
Alan and I brought a cake down with us for the surprise (due to time constraints, this was one of those years we had to buy, instead of make, her cake...never quite as special!).  They've always had their own birthday cakes growing up.  Alan got his cake later when we had a little family celebration after we went down to pick up Rachael and bring her home for Christmas break.


twinbday06.jpg (51141 bytes)
She got 'em all out


twinbday07.jpg (50658 bytes)
Reading cards


twinbday08.jpg (49576 bytes)
Snuggling with her gift from Alan

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