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More of Rachael's Writings
from her time at the Honor Academy

In Loving Memory of

...who she was on this earth...
what made her who she is...what she was about...what things influenced her and how...
all of these things and more may end up in the compilations below

Below are two images, the front and back of a letter that appears to be something
she was to write to herself, and was kept sealed all year long, then she was to have
read it after graduation.  It was handed to us by her accountability partner the day of
graduation...still sealed.

lettertoherself_p1.jpg (173779 bytes)

lettertoherself_p2.jpg (140217 bytes)

here is a letter she wrote from herself to God

lettertoGod.jpg (199222 bytes)


and here is God's response

letterfromGod_p1.jpg (230005 bytes)

letterfromGod_p2.jpg (127587 bytes)

You can't know about Rachael's life and overcoming spirit without touching on the topic of her birthmother and how she did not interact with Rachael, even while living in the same town.  When this person did come across Rachael at her place of work, she avoided her by checking out at a different cash register or, worse, when she could not avoid Rachael, such as at the service window when Rachael was the only one who could service her needs there, she said mean and hurtful things to Rachael that required what I, over the years, came to call "damage control" as I did my best to help her deal with the depth of harm and pain.  Those of you who had warm, caring, nurturing moms will not be able to relate to the life Rachael lived in this realm.   If you never felt set apart or different or isolated by not being able to join in with your friends when they spoke warmly of their mothers or you watched them warmly interact with their moms knowing you had no such privilege, or if you always wanted to make your mom something special for mother's day at school while all your friends were making their special gifts and you never had that sinking feeling that you were different because you had no such should thank God.  But also thank God that His is a heart which leads to Him helping children to be empowered and overcome when the adults in their lives fail to come through as they should or, worse, make efforts to do harm to the innocent ones who are supposed to be under their watch and care.

The paper below appears to have been written as an assignment and in response to several questions.  If you truly wish to know about Rachael, then learning even just a portion of this aspect of her life is requisite.  Do note that there are a great many details directly relating to what Rachael endured that may never be shared herein.

And the next time you pray, please thank God for His love for Rachael and empowering her to be such a strong overcomer.

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